Our Local Partners


School of Life is a small non-government school in Varanasi founded in July 2009 with a purpose of ensuring the smooth and proper functioning of the NGO “A gesture a smile” (1901 Act). It funds the education of street children and aims to be a home and a neutral place for all children without caste differentiation. It looks after the welfare of children who work on the streets from an early age. The school is regularly looking for volunteers. To know more, visit: ungestepourunsourire.fr (the website is in French, but you can make enquiries in English too)


Walks of Varanasi provides personalized walking and cycling tours for travelers who are keen in exploring Varanasi- one of the oldest living cities in the world. The tour gives you a chance to interact with local people, sample local cuisine and to know more about life along the sacred river. For more information visit, walksofvaranasi.in.


Ideally located near Assi Ghat, this family run guesthouse is also home to Deepak, the boat’s captain. It has four simple, clean rooms that open into a dining room. It also has a fully furnished and functional kitchen open to guests for use. It is a great option for budget travelers who would like to experience a stay with an Indian family or for those who visit Varanasi for a long stay to learn Hindi, yoga, music, or do volunteer work at an NGO. For enquiries and bookings, visit www.khushiguesthouse.com.


Stops is a pit-stop like none other on your Indian adventure. It is the first ever social and exploration oriented chain of travelers hostels in India. Stops is where you refuel and equip yourself on your journey through India. It’s a space where you get to meet fellow travellers eager to discover India. You can share, plan, guide and learn together while relaxing and having fun. Its about creating your India story that goes beyond the obvious. For details, visit www.stopshostel.com.

Our other projects


Tsermang is an eco-chic camp on the banks of the Indus river, a few kilometers from Leh town in Ladakh. It has eight guest tents equipped with an en-suite toilet and bath. The camp is operational between May- September. Apart from camping, it also organizes trekking and jeep safaris.

“If a camping holiday could be a thing, Tsermang would be a pair of flannel pyjamas. What it offers is the luxury of guilt-free comfort in overstretched Ladakh” - Soity Banerjee, Outlook Traveller, August 2012.

For further enquiries and bookings, visit tsermangecocamp.com.

EASTERN ROUTES (Northeast India)

Eastern Routes offers you an inspiring passage into the heart of Northeast India- the unexplored paradise. It introduces you to the eclectic North East, its distinct geographic setting and its varied flora-fauna and avian life. A journey with Eastern Routes will mark your understanding of the history of Northeast people, the variety of its ethnic communities, their rich heritage of ancient traditions and their unique lifestyle, cuisine, festivals, arts, craft and much more.
For more details, visit www.easternroutes.com.