The Enchanting Ganga

For a glimpse into the heart of Hinduism, Varanasi is a place you must visit in India. Also known as Kashi (City of Light) and Benares, this is one of the world's oldest continually inhabited cities and is regarded as one of Hinduism's seven holy cities. To every visitor, it offers a breathtaking experience into the beating heart of the Hindu universe. Here the most intimate and sacred rituals of life and death take place in full public view, giving you a chance to see it all first hand.

Varanasi is special, and a walk along the ghats or a boat ride on the river is the best way to discover it. At Ganga Boat Ride & Cruise we offer special services and a choice of itinerary ranging from:

Multi-day cruise

Aboard the ‘Tarangini’ a unique houseboat furnished with a bedroom and a bathroom with toilet and bath facility, this cruise will give you an opportunity to experience India as few people know it. We stop at small villages; enjoy sumptuous local cuisine cooked on deserted beaches along the river and if lucky even catch a glimpse of the enigmatic Gangetic dolphins. On this cruise you are assured of the company of a multitude of resident and migratory birds.

Sunrise and Sunset Boat Ride

Sunrise boat rides gives the early riser a view of the temples and shrines bathed in a golden hue with Hindu devotees performing their ablutions along the ghats. A boat ride in the evening is the most effective way to see the aarti, the devotional ritual that uses fire as an offering to the sacred river.